If you seeking to buy medium term notes and would like to network with sellers of MTMs, our site will be a great resource. Joins thousands of others who have utilized our services when seeking either investors, sellers of MTNs, buyers of MTNs and general brokers seeking to help companies link with each other.   

MTN - Medium Term Note Purchase

An MTN is type of security, namely a debt security, and its maturity date is typically less than 10 years. In fact, the maturity ranges from 1 to 10 years with most likely the majority of MTNs maturity between year 5 and year 10. Knowing the maturity date is a solid way for investors to compare other types of debt investments, such as comparing a medium term not to fixed income, or debt instruments.

Broker Dealer with MTNs

Normally a medium term note is bought and sold or 'brokered', via broker dealer or other licensed broker. You will find many brokers selling MTNs or those that can assist with a sell or offer for an MTN on this site.

Trade MTN

MTNs are issued in a variety of ways, the most popular being fixed or a floating coupon basis. 

Floating rate medium-term notes are not too complex and essentially one can pay the holder of the MTN a coupon linked to Euribor +/- basis points. For more complex issues when buying medium term notes, one can have the structured notes linked to swap rates, treasuries, indices, and other methodologies. 


A EMTN, or Euro Medium Term Note is a debt security that is issued to investors not in the United States, essentially in Europe. Euro Medium Term Notes Prograame is different than a MTN Program. Often companies will obtain securities identification numbers known as ISIN codes from Euroclear or Clearstream in Europe when seeking to issue, clear or settle debt securities in Europe.

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